10 Haircut and color changes in 2021 for women in their 50s

10 Haircut and color changes in 2021 for women in their 50s

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life,” he used to say. Coco Chanel. Do you want to bet on a change of look for the new season but do not know where to start? Don’t panic, because we just collected the haircuts and colors for women over 50 who feel great, they favor a lot and, above all, they rejuvenate instantly. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment at the hairdresser!

Medium length hair, XS hair, long hair … There is something for all tastes and all hair textures, so sit back and choose the haircut that best suits your face. Ready?

Hair 2021: 10 haircut and color look changes for 50-year-old women

We have talked to Alex Sestelo, salon director Alex Sestelo, and we asked him how to practice anti-aging through wisely chosen hair colors and haircuts. Don’t panic, it’s a lot easier than you think! In addition, there is something for all needs, so you will have no problem finding the hair trend that best suits you. Of course, remember that, beyond the trends in coloring and cuts, which are many (and which are reinvented every season), we always have to choose the color and haircut that best suits our hair (and what favors us). If you are over 50 years old and you do not know what is the perfect shade and cut for you, this interests you!

If you need more inspiration, take a look at these beauty looks of our favorite celebs that we have fallen in love with and sign up for the color and cut that rejuvenates the most. Shall we start?




Pixie haircut

“The Ash Blonde Pixie Haircut with dark roots will become the new hair hit of 2021 “, explains the expert.” Short hair – the shorter the better – and, if possible, paraded, will get a lot. You can think like Carolina Herrera or not, but a mature woman with the right short haircut can be very elegant, as well as sexy, “he adds.




Haircut ‘bob’ and red hair

Álex Sestelo for the most daring, recommends the straight and short bangs along with the mini bob cut also straight, below the ear. “The red hair color It will be the winning horse in the purest style of the protagonist of Gambit de Dama. It will be very daring given the age difference of the protagonist (Anya Taylor-Joy, 24) but it will not leave anyone indifferent, “says the expert.

Instagram: @anyataylorjoy

Sandra Bullock


Straight ‘bob’ haircut

“Remember, the chic touch is achieved with the cut just at the chin level “, adds the expert. Sandra Bullock has opted for the same cut but in a long version, a perfect option if you don’t dare with a drastic cut first. “It’s a cut that best suits straight hair since in the curly ones it is difficult to define the optical and perfect effect of the cut. To achieve more volume without losing the board effect, the inner layers must be worked on, always keeping the outer cut even throughout the head “, points out Álex.



XL mane

Álex Sestelo makes it very clear to us: an XL mane with many layers and Nordic blonde color, almost white, can also be a very flattering option for middle-aged women. “It would be a gradient blonde that achieves an effect that simulates the reflection of the sun’s rays on the hair, providing a natural sunny look”, he explains.



Midi-maxi mane

Another option? A midi-maxi mane that exceeds the height of the clavicle, in color coral blonde, “a tone that promises to sweep in 2021”, according to Sestelo. “It is a shade between blonde and red that brings luminosity and freshness to the face. It will be one of the top colors of the year that can also be worn with darker roots, balayage style, or whatever we like best, “he adds.



Cut ‘clavicle’

“For a different and risky look, another proposal would be a clavicle cut, that is, a mane at the level of the clavicle that it greatly favors all types of faces, combined with signature balayage highlights, that is, those studied and strategically indicated according to the features of the face “, says the expert and highlights that you can bet on a degraded effect, playing with golden blondes (for the most classic), “so that the mane acquires an effect of light and movement; or also in pearly or powdery fantasy tones, with pink, blue, purple or coral tones, for the most daring”, he adds.




“Another proposal for those who won’t keep your hair gray, is a cut to the garçon, which brings a lot of modernity to the look, or cuts with the sides and neck shorter and the front part longer since it softens a lot “, says Sestelo.



Golden midi mane

“For the most classic, an option that we will see sweeping in 2021 will be midi mane, very weathered, contouring highlights that are golden or lighter than the base tone and a lot of waves when combing, “says Sestelo.



‘Bob’ with bangs

The classic bob combined with bangs, which will be another of the star trends, I think it can look good on women of 50 years because of the touch of modernity and its versatility for styling “, recommends Álex.



For curly hair

“For curly or wavy hair, long hair is also a flattering option that subtracts years. And even more so if the base tone is lightened with some highlights ”, concludes the expert.

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