Blunt Chop: The most casual bob haircut that will triumph this season

Blunt Chop: The most casual bob haircut that will triumph this season
Bob haircuts have been the most requested in hairdressers this 2020 and will continue to be the top trend next year. Looking ahead to 2021 highlights the blunt chop, which is characterized by its casual and youthful style, which brings freshness to the hair.

What is blunt chop?

Chop In English it means to hack, a word that perfectly describes this haircut. It is a straight cut but with the edges paraded that is carried approximately at the height of the jaw (never beyond the shoulders). It results in a youthful, fun, and very natural look.

It differs from the bob in that the chop is a square cut and the traditional bob has the back more cut than the front. Further, It has a lighter, tousled finish.

What type of face does it suit?

The blunt chop haircut flatters all face types, but it suits especially well oval and triangular faces. This is because its length and light finish softens the features and is extremely rejuvenated.

A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss)The chop is an easy cut to maintain (it does not require an exact size or volume) and you can comb it with your own fingers or with a fork comb (better than a brush). You can adapt it to any occasion and get, as you prefer, a more sophisticated touch by marking the waves (as Carlota Casiraghi wore in the last Baile de la Rosa), a rebellious look with the help of a little gel on the tips or a unique image and original combining the smooth in the upper part and the waves in the middle and ends.

Its versatility is one of its secrets And it is that it can be worn smooth and with marked ends, with waves, disheveled, with bangs and even with slightly longer side locks to refine the features (in the case of rounder faces).

If you have not yet decided on any type of bob cut, also take a look at Ana Soria’s ‘jagged bob’ (perfect if you have fine hair) and the ‘Rachel’ haircut, which will compete with the bob this 2021 .

New year, new hair!

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