Exercises to lose weight that you can do in 15 minutes

Exercises to lose weight that you can do in 15 minutes

Do you want to lose the extra kilos? Would you like to get in shape but do not have much time to achieve this goal? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. As explained to us by Júlia Ndocky Ribas, personal trainer, and technician of the division of physical activity of Metropolitan, “It must be clarified that what must happen for us to lose fat is to generate an energy deficit, that is, spending more calories than we consume. Only then can we burn the fat reserves in our body as energy. In this way, the burning of energy in a sustained manner over time is greater “.

The best exercise to lose weight fast

Júlia explains that the perfect method to lose weight fast is to bet on HIIT-type workouts (high-intensity interval training) “which combines high-intensity exercise with recovery periods between exercises or between sets. A HIIT session can burn between 200 and 250 calories, although the emphasis is on greater basal expenditure that we will have during the recovery of this type of training “. The expert highlights that it is important that the exercises that make up a HIIT-type training meet the following characteristics:

Self-tiring exercises. In the case of not being able to support the rhythm of execution, the fatigue itself will not stop or reduce the rhythm, but it should not involve risk of injury. Polyarticular exercises. Non-isolated exercises that involve several muscle groups at the same time and preferably the largest muscle groups in the body.

eye! The expert highlights that, as it is a Training Type so intense, It is not recommended to do it more than twice a week and it should be done with enough time between sessions for optimal recovery (at least 72 hours).

What do you have to do (and what not) to lose but quickly

Júlia Ndocky Ribas highlights that we should not focus on solely cardiorespiratory activities in a circuit format, with the aim of losing weight, “since it is scientifically proven that strength training has a greater effect on energy expenditure compared to circuit training performed at the same intensity”. The expert adds that strength training is very effective in regulating body weight in people with excess adipose tissue due to its effect of increasing basal metabolism. “Therefore, on those days when we have more training time, it would be highly recommended that the session be a strength session,” he recommends.

What do I do if I can’t go to the gym?

In situations in which we cannot attend the gym, there are training alternatives such as the battery of exercises mentioned below., calisthenic type. “Not being able to go to the gym also allows us to carry out activities in the natural environment that we may not do on other occasions. It would always be advisable to have a minimum of material at home, without having to throw the house out the window. A pair of rubber bands of different resistance, some minibands, some element that allows us to perform suspension training would be more than enough. It is not about the material we have, but about how we use it. There are many exercises that we can do outside the gym “, concludes the expert.

Take a look at these exercises to lose weight that you can do in 15 minutes prepared by Júlia Ndocky Ribas.




‘Bear Crawl’

Get into a quadruped position, with your hands and feet on the ground, your back parallel, and your knees slightly off the ground (without coming into contact with it). Holding this position, move forward for 10 m. You can increase the resistance placing a rubber band that surrounds the hands and feet, creating a rectangle under your body. Keep the abdomen in tension during the execution of the exercise.




‘Toes to bar’

Hanging from a bar, bring your feet as high as possible, until practically touching the bar. Perform the movement without inertia in the most controlled way possible to increase abdominal tension. Avoid rocking the body with a scapular retraction. You can perform gentler variants such as lifting your feet up to hip height or bringing your knees to your chest (legs bent). This last option is recommended for people with little flexibility in the posterior chain.




The starting position: In an upright position with your feet at shoulder height, squat down to the ground with your hands. Then, without taking your hands off the ground, push both legs back at the same time until you are in position to do a push-up. Perform the push-up and do the opposite movement to the previous step, that is, push both legs closer to the chest. It is important, when putting your feet on the ground, to do so with the entire sole of the foot and not to push the body up with just the toes. Now we just have to do the jump: jump as high as you can and finish in the starting position. The fact of raising the knees to the chest during the jump entails a greater effort, an option for those who want to give a little extra.



‘Side to side jumps’

Stand with your hips and knees slightly bent, jump from side to side muffling the jump with the receiving leg. Take a wide jump.



‘Deep squats’

No additional weight, perform squats below the knees, fully extending the hips when standing up. Perform the exercise at a high speed so that it is intense.



‘Push ups’

In plank position, With your elbows bent at 90 degrees and your arms at 45 degrees, do push-ups. To keep up with your running pace as fatigue sets in, you can do the exercise on your knees or on one foot with the knee of the other leg touching the ground.



‘Lateral hops’

Standing with your hands on your waist, jump with both legs to one side and to the other imagining a line that you cannot step on and without stopping at any time.



Iron with three supports

Do a plank on elbows and feet. Hold only three of the four supports simultaneously, alternately separating a foot or hand from the ground without changing the position of the body. Don’t let your hips move.



Standing rowing

Get into position half squat with a straight back. Perform a traction keeping your back straight and tension in your abdomen. This exercise, in addition to working your back, will make you feel muscular tension throughout your body due to the position you hold.



‘Power Lunge’

In lunge position and with your hands on your hips, perform a jump to alternate the position with the opposite leg. Receive the weight with your front leg.

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