Paula Echevarría has found the most ideal warm winter look

Paula Echevarría has found the most ideal warm winter look
Although the normal thing is that in winter it is cold, the truth is that this 2021 that has just begun, it is taking the cake! Therefore, the best thing you can do is start, if you have not already done so, to stock up on warm clothes, well-chosen and combinable with each other.

The sales are a good time to buy those garments that, due to their price, we dare not add to the wardrobe when they have their original price, so take advantage of the discounts from Mango, Zara, and company right now. You are sure to find bargains!

And speaking of bargains, we were stunned with this super warm look of Paula Echevarría and we had to share it with you.

You may think that we are a bit exaggerated and that when you see it you think that you only need it if you are going to go to the snow or the mountains, but the truth is that we’re dying to feel this warm. Together, the garments work super well but they have so many uses separately. You will probably be able to replicate this style with the most comfortable pieces you have in your closet – tracksuit included, of course – but just in case, we’ll tell you where each garment is from.

The most spectacular garment of the look is the coat, which looks luxurious but, is careful, It’s from Primark and costs € 40! From what we have seen, it is difficult to find it, so if you are lucky and you manage to get it, you will wear it a lot and also, you will not be cold at all. Special mention deserves the tracksuit that Paula wears. It’s from his own brand, Space Flamingo and it looks amazingly comfortable. The price of the trousers is € 62.30 and the sweatshirt costs € 69.30.

One of the accessories that most caught our attention about the look is the boots. This footwear is super fashionable and now we also see this type of mountain boots in the city looks. The model worn by the actress is from the Marlon brand and now they cost € 126 instead of € 210, the discount is not bad, right? If they do not finish convincing you, instead of this model, you can bet on others with less track sole.

The hat –is from Fetiche Suances–, we love it a lot. First, because we adore everything that has pompoms, and second because it is the ideal complement to avoid getting cold on the head. The bag that Paula is carrying is from Dior. If you also run out of budget But you want to add a new bag to your collection, take a look at these other brand bags that will be a trend in 2021 and in which to invest in the winter sales.

If you liked Paula Echevarría’s look, you will love these other looks. Bet on the most fashionable and easy-to-wear combo of winter and join the tracksuit with a long coat.

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