Rocío Osorno has the white shirt with a bow that everyone likes (and we her clone)

Rocío Osorno has the white shirt with a bow that everyone likes (and we her clone)

Time to enjoy with friends. After announcing her separation, Rocío Osorno seems to need to be with family and friends more than ever. And, although the Sevillian designer and influencer have made the decision to break up with her, until her now-husband, Coco Robatto, the truth is that in these moments is when friendships are appreciated more than ever. Therefore, nothing better than a plan with friends to shelve the penalties.

And so, happy and very pretty, is how we have seen Rocío Osorno in her latest Instagram post, with a friend. A photo that has left us, in addition to a very good taste in our mouths for seeing Rocío so happy, a tip fashionable in the form of a wonderful white shirt with a bow that has made us fall in love. Take a look and let us know if you like it as much as we do.

The white shirt with fine black cord bow what have you chosen Rocío Osorno it could perfectly happen to our TOP TEN list of wardrobe basics that solve the look. Because it will be just as beautiful with jeans (you can choose these that Melissa Villarreal has found in Zara and that flatter a lot) and with a blazer that with the Mango pinafore that all the influencers love.

Although many followers have asked Rocío where the white shirt with a bow is from, no one knows where she got the garment from, but what we do know is that we have found a very similar one in Asos at a unique price: 35.99 euros.

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