This is Mango’s most wanted (and desired) checkered pinafore and we have found its clone

This is Mango’s most wanted (and desired) checkered pinafore and we have found its clone

It is clear that in the fashion we always dare to try many trends. Many of them even remind us in a way of our grandmothers, mothers or even ‘looks’ that we wore during childhood. Well, one of the dresses that surely accompanied many in the first years of life returns strongly. Dior, Gucci, or Hermés have made it clear to us that this winter 20/21 we will want to wear the pinafore dress at all times.

The best thing is that we can already find them in some somewhat more affordable brands such as Mango. The Catalan firm has also been encouraged with the pinafore dress and has become in a few months one of its bestsellers. Specifically, a Pinafore dress with a checkered print that has revolutionized the wardrobe of some ‘influencers’. So much so that they have even copied Mango’s complete ‘look’ with two other trends of the season: sole boots track and shirts with a bobo collar.

The bad news is that the Mango pinafore dress is sweeping and there are very few sizes left, although it seems they will be restocking it on the web. You can also go to some of their physical stores and check if they still have it available.

Price: € 22.99 (was € 29.99)

Of course, if you have completely fallen in love with this checked pinafore dress and you want to take it from now on, you can do it because we have signed its clone. How do you hear it! We, who are always looking for the best fashion options on the web, have found a pinafore dress very similar to Mango’s in Shein and priced at € 27.




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