We know what will be the set of the moment of Pull & Bear according to Marta Vidaurreta

We know what will be the set of the moment of Pull & Bear according to Marta Vidaurreta

It is no secret that good friends inspire (stylistically speaking) each other, and even exchange clothes, who has not done it on some occasion with their ‘bff’, roommate or sister? It is one of the unwritten rules of friendship that survives year after year.

If a few weeks ago Melissa Villarreal discovered us which would be the sexiest design of the Pull & Bear season, ideal to wear both on a romantic date and to have a drink with friends, today one of her great friends does it, Marta Vidaurreta, although with more winter tones that look good to everyone and that we have already signed for the sales.

Under the description in the photograph ‘all Brown’, confirms what will be the key tone for this season, brown, in almost all its variants. That is why the young ‘influencer’ from Huelva wanted to combine a classic ecru cloth coat with contrast buttons from Pull & Bear with a bold asymmetric top toasted that follows the tonal game in an exemplary way.

Pull & Bear coat
Pull & Bear Body

The styling that summarizes all the trends of these coming months has concluded with high-rise faux leather trousers that (also from Pull & Bear) with a fluid cut that stylizes the figure and that you can combine both with combat boots (like the ones María Pombo wore after giving birth) as with stilettos. Of what team you are?

It has never been so simple and fun to combine a color range (typical of the time) in the same ‘look’ and be successful. And thanks to Vidaurreta and her fashionista knowledge we know how to do it with ‘low-cost’ models that you can buy today in the store.

Pull & Bear faux leather trousers



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