Word of Tamara Falcó: Mom jeans look better with platform Converse

Word of Tamara Falcó: Mom jeans look better with platform Converse

Tamara Falcó not only shines with her most sophisticated looks also does it in jeans and sneakers. The designer has gone to do her last Christmas shopping with a comfortable and trendy look that we all want to copy (and, in fact, we are going to copy!). A fairly simple but rejuvenating and infallible style that could not be more current.

Tamara Falcó has stood up to the cold with some mom jeans – the trendiest, most flattering and democratic wide-leg jeans– which has been combined with white Converse platform ankle boots and a cropped-style knit jacket, ideal for this type of high-waisted jeans that slim the waist.

Tamara Falcó look with mom jeans

Tamara Falcó’s mom jeans have certain flare airs, but they are not flared. A small adaptation of the mom jeans that are completely straight makes it even more current and on-trend. These jeans look good with all types of footwear, but there is no doubt that Converse combines wonderfully and takes years off at a stroke. Yes, Converse is also for winter!

Tamara Falco

An ideal look for women over 30, 40, or 50 years old To which you can give different styles with different accessories or outerwear.

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